Choosing The Right Cabinet

TrueGrain specializes in custom cabinetry for kitchens, bathrooms, and any other part of your home or business that requires custom woodworking treatment. Lick-and-Stick cabinets from the Big Box stores simply cannot stand up to the craftsmanship and customer service you will get when you use TrueGrain Cabinetry.

Face Frame Vs. Frameless


Our cabinetry can be built using either of the two main construction methods.

Face Frame

Face Frame Construction is the traditional method of building cabinetry. This method utilizes a solid wood face around the outside of the cabinet as well as between doors & drawers. Face Frame cabinetry is the most structurally sound type of cabinetry and is also considered to have a “higher end” look- especially when combined with an inset door. However, Face Frame cabinetry is more expensive than other methods and less efficient with the use of space inside the cabinet.


Frameless Construction uses the edge of the cabinet’s interior parts as the outside face of the cabinet. The edge is typically covered (banded) with a thin veneer or a PVC tape. This tape can be matched to the finish of the cabinetry thereby reducing the cost of finishing on the cabinetry. The Frameless method is also the most efficient use of interior cabinet space.